A Curated Guide to the Ultimate Guys Weekend


A roundup of superb content to help you plan your next weekend away with the guys.

1. Eight Travel Tips to Make Your Guys Weekend Awesome

The guys from Mantripping.com provide eight speed reads on how to make the weekend “awesome.”

Fav Tip: Remember the wife
Read it: Mantripping.com

2. Six Tips For the Perfect Boys’ Trip

Condensed, and easy to digest, Andrew Goble of GQ provides six quick-hits on how to make a weekend away with the boys a memorable one.

Fav Tip: Get a bigger room than you think
Read it: GQ.com

3. How to Plan a Guys Weekend

Joe Cheun of TravelingDad.com provides nine easy-to-follow tips on how to plan and enjoy a guys weekend away. Cheun breaks it down into two sections – first where (to go) and who (goes), then how to enjoy the trip upon arrival.

Fav Tip: Don’t feel pressure to do everything together
Read it: TravelingDad.com

4. Man Management: How to (Painlessly!) Plan the Annual Guys Trip

From insidehook. com, this is a fun read on how to plan the annual trip away with the guys. The writer lays it out six (6) fairly detailed steps, from the destination to the transportation.

Fav Tip: Leave home anyone who is a drinking liability
Read it: InsideHook.com

5. It’s Time for a Tour de Friends

This is the longest article of the five, and it’s from Esquire so it comes with the requisite virtue signaling and preaching (“Guys tend to be less evolved than females when it comes to understanding the importance of friendships, but a trip with your pals is an essential component of being a well-rounded male…). But if you can bypass some of the crap, the piece provides some really good tips.

Fav Tip: Designate a moneyman
Read it: Esquire.com


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