Using seven verified content sources (see below), we aggregate the data to produce His Republic’s 25 Greatest NFL QBs of All Time.

Across the board, Nos. 1 and 2 are seemingly set in stone, as six-time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady is the undisputed GOAT while Joe Montana is the consensus No. 2.

Peyton Manning seems to be locked in at the third spot by most every ranking source. After that it’s a crap shoot with legends such as Brett Favre, Johnny Unitas, Dan Marino, Aaron Rodgers, and John Elway regularly appearing in the top 10, while Roger Staubach, Steve Young, Otto Graham, Bart Starr, and Fran Tarkenton were also frequently included in the top 15.

Those ranked from No. 16 down to 25 were the most difficult as it seemed to include a lot of bias or preference of the particular writer or ranker. For example, Hall of Famer Jim Kelly is widely regarded as a top-25 all timer and even made the cut for ESPN (13th) and CBS Sports’ (15th) top-15 lists, yet he was excluded altogether from USA Today’s Top 25 rankings.

With that said, what follows is our aggregated ranking of the 25 Greatest NFL QBs of all time.

25. Len Dawson

25 Greatest NFL Quarterbacks in History Len Dawson

With apologies to Joe Namath, Len Dawson was the AFL’s premier quarterback. He led the younger league in completion percentage seven times, passer rating six times, and touchdown passes four times. Dawson won three titles — the AFL championship in 1962 and 1966 pre-Super Bowl, then a blowout win in Super Bowl IV. He also would become one of the first passers to play until he was 40. “Lenny the Cool” just isn’t talked about enough.

Bleacher Report 10: N/R
ESPN 15: N/R
CBS Sports 15: N/R
Athlon 25: N/R 25: 24th
USA Today 25: 21st
Yardbarker 50: 29th
His Republic (H/R) Index: 20.6

24. Dan Fouts

25 Greatest NFL Quarterbacks in History Dan Fouts

Pilot of the Air Coryell Chargers in the ’70s and ’80s, Fouts made Six Pro Bowls and in 1982 won NFL Offensive Player of the Year. Fouts, a member of the NFL’s ’80s All-Decade team, was also the second quarterback to throw for 4,000 yards in a single season. He did that three times in a row, from 1979 to 1981.

Bleacher Report 10: N/R
ESPN 15: N/R
CBS Sports 15: N/R
Athlon 25: 24th 25: N/R
USA Today 25: 19th
Yardbarker 50: 24th
H/R Index: 19.8

23. Joe Namath

25 Greatest NFL Quarterbacks in History Joe Namath

Joe Namath became the face of the NFL ahead of his boisterous guarantee that he and the New York Jets would shock the football world and defeat the Baltimore Colts to win Super Bowl III. Broadway Joe and Gang Green then delivered. Most amazing about Namath’s career is that we never saw him at his best because of knee injuries that plagued him before the Jets acquired him. A healthy Namath could have been the league’s best QB for a decade.

Bleacher Report 10: Honorable Mention
ESPN 15: N/R
CBS Sports 15: N/R
Athlon 25: 25th 25: N/R
USA Today 25: 15th
Yardbarker 50: 21st
H/R Index: 18.6

22. Kurt Warner

25 Greatest NFL Quarterbacks in History Kurt Warner

Warner is quite possibly the greatest success story in NFL history. From undrafted prospect out of college to grocery store clerk earning $5.50 an hour to Arena League star to Super Bowl champion and MVP. He would ultimately go on to a storybook career with the Rams, Giants and Cardinals that spanned 12 years. Warner took home NFL MVP honors in 1999, 2001 and ’08. He also was named to four Pro Bowls. He eventually made his way back to the Super Bowl after a successful 2008 campaign with the Cardinals. Unfortunately, he was unable to take home a second Lombardi Trophy. Warner is widely considered one of the most accurate and efficient passers in NFL history. He was part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Class of 2017.

Bleacher Report 10: N/R
ESPN 15: N/R
CBS Sports 15: N/R
Athlon 25: 20th 25: 20th
USA Today 25: N/R
Yardbarker 50: 20th
H/R Index: 18.4

21. Sid Luckman

25 Greatest NFL Quarterbacks in History Sid Luckman

Severely underrated. Vastly underrated. Whatever other adjective you can come up with that applies here, please do. There’s a reason why some of the Bears’ passing records still belong to Luckman. He was the second-best quarterback of his era — the Peyton Manning to Sammy Baugh’s Tom Brady, if you will. Although, Luckman was a little like the latter, in that he won four NFL titles (and lost another) in 12 years for Chicago. Those Bears teams led by Luckman might have won more if so many of their players (including Luckman) had not served in World War II. Still, he led the NFL in passing yards three times, touchdown passes three times, and passer rating three times.

Bleacher Report 10: N/R
ESPN 15: N/R
CBS Sports 15: N/R
Athlon 25: N/R 25: 16th
USA Today 25: 17th
Yardbarker 50: 23rd
H/R Index: 17.6

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