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1. Do I feel happy or upset the majority of the time?

Of course, no relationship comes without some trials and tribulations, and oftentimes the struggles that people face together make their relationship stronger. However, the dark clouds shouldn’t totally mask the sun – meaning that you should still feel overall happiness in the relationship, even when life throws you a curve ball. According to Mark D. White, Ph.D., you should never stay in a relationship just because you feel you “should” out of a sense of obligation – if you don’t feel happy, you have every right and responsibility, actually, to disclose your feelings to your partner.
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2. Do the good things outweigh the bad?

When you’re in a state of anger, you’re mainly thinking in a negative view. Think about the good times you’ve shared. If there’s fairly few, how does that reflect the state of your relationship?
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3. What was the turning point?

You need to think about the thing or action that triggered this dilemma. Probably there have been changes in the way you treat each other in the past months or years of your relationship—but what is that main factor that makes you want to leave? Maybe it’s just a burst of anger. Wait it out until you’re off the height of emotions, so you can think clearly.
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4. Do we share the same passions and goals for the future?

In any committed relationship, talk of the future will inevitably come up at some point. In most cases, two people going in completely opposite directions won’t have much of a chance at keeping the flame alive way down the road, so you need to ask yourself this question early on. Two people can absolutely have different goals in life, but if you feel that your visions for the future just don’t mesh well together, you might need to wait it out for someone who shares more of your own passions.
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5. Is your family in favor of your relationship?

Our families hold a special place in our hearts, and oftentimes their opinions matter and in turn influence the way we live. When opposition and negative comments constantly emanate from the people you hold dear, it may come to a point where you have to choose to follow your heart or your family. Which one matters more to you?
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6. Do they add value to my life?

Do they truly enhance your life, adding color and vibrancy, or make you feel drained and uninspired? If you start seeing everything in black and white once you’re with them, is the relationship really worth sacrificing your happiness for?
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7. Is our sex life satisfying?

Sex is a very important component of a relationship. Especially in times of emotional tension, sex brings things back to the physical, providing an opportunity to alleviate tension and forge deeper intimacy between partners. While there is no objective standard for the “right” amount of sex, the most important factor is that both partners feel satisfied with the type and frequency of their sexual encounters. A low-sex partnership may be perfectly healthy, but only if neither partner wants more.
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8. Will I regret the decision?

Right before you break the bad news to someone, you might get cold feet. And even after, you may feel like the villain for ending things. Second-guessing your decision for breaking up is only natural, but if you nudge yourself to think of the reasons for ending the relationship (see question one) and you know you both tried your best to keep it going (see question two), then you will not regret parting ways.
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9. Are you willing to lose them?

Breaks are a risky business. Even if you have some time to reflect and decide that you really want to give your relationship another go, your partner might not feel the same way, even if they didn’t want to take a break to begin with. With a break, there are no guarantees. If you can’t face the idea of life without your partner, you might want to avoid a break, instead working hard to fix your relationship in other ways, such as through counselling. Listen to your gut, but don’t rush it into a decision. Give it a little time, and it will tell you whether or not you truly want this person in your life. How many of the reasons you come up with to stay with this person are truly reasons, rather than justifications, like how tricky a breakup would be logistically?
A Conscious Rethink

10. If you lost them, what would your life be like?

Sure, you don’t know what’s going to happen after a break-up, and you’re bound to feel lost at first. But can you imagine yourself in months to come not being with that person? Doing the everyday things you’d do together on your own? If not, perhaps there’s a reason for it.
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Credits: Metro UK, Pop Sugar, A Conscious Rethink, Power of Positivity, Inspiring Tips, Mind Body Green


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