10 Things Guys Should Always Avoid Wearing


Unless you purposefully want to look like a soy-addicted hipster or a steroid-addled meat head, men should avoid wearing these things at all costs.

1. Man Bun

Unless you’re a sumo wrestler, don’t even dare.

2. Sandals

Man sandals simply don’t cut it. Sure, flip flops are go-tos for the shower, and possibly a walk back to the room after a day at the pool. But that is it.

3. Socks With Sandals

Now if you break the no-sandals rule, don’t ever wear socks with those atrocious kicks.

4. Fedora

This goofball headwear is pure soy and will make even GOATs look silly.

5. Skinny Jeans

Nylons masquerading as jeans is an atrocity being perpetrated on mankind. Don’t be that guy.

6. Crocs

If one thing says you’ve given up on life it’s a man wearing cheap rubber clogs, otherwise known as Crocs.

7. Soul Patch

Dude, a soul patch is not a good look. You simply look like a clown who missed a spot while shaving. Trust us.

8. Tank Tops

Only if you want to look like a gay porn actor, or CNN anchor, these are never-evers.

9. Too Much Cologne

You want to smell good up close, not before your enter the room.

10. Pinky Rings

Never trust a man wearing a pinky ring they say. Unless of course you want to look like a greaseball pedophile.


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