A five-step guide on how to keep those casual dress shoes nice and spiffed up. Shoe styles include both suede and leather.

1. Scrub Brush
To first get any surface dirt off the shoes, use a scrub brush. This will work on both mentioned shoe types. Gently brush off surface dirt and grime. (With suede you will have to use more elbow grease.)

2. Baby Wipes
This can be used on both styles to remove salt and deeper stains. Gently rub the shoes all around including soles.

3. Washcloth and Vinegar
Once you’ve gotten the surface dirt off, and gave it an initial once-over with the baby wipes, it’s time for the magic. Take a clean white wash cloth and dab it heavily with some white vinegar; then rub it all over the shoes. This will especially brighten up the suede while leaving the leather looking brilliant.

4. Corn Starch
If you have a tough oil or grease stain on your shoes, just as you would with an oil spill in the garage, plop some absorbent on the spot to suck it out. With shoes we’ll use corn starch to dry out the oil/grease stain. (For leather shoes, allow the powder sit for about 4-6 hours to fully absorb the oil. Suede shoes can be done in 2-3 hours.) Brush off the powder when time expires.

5. Buff Up
The final step: Apply some nice polish to the leather shoes. Rub the surface of your shoes in small, circular motions. With suede, we’ll apply some silicone-based spray to weatherproof the kicks.

And that is it!


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